Mobile dining? Dinerware can do it!

BrightSign LogoMobile dining is a growing trend all over the country, from food trucks to pop-up kitchens to special event-related food and beverage businesses. Today's proprietors have the freedom to target and serve customers in new and expanded locations to pursue new customers via busy lunch spots, visiting chefs, and customized evening events.  

Dinerware and BrightSign have partnered to provide an innovative bundle to combine Dinerware POS with fully-integrated BrightSign media players to offer a Smart Menu Board solution. Update your menu prices in Dinerware and watch them automatically update to your Smart Menu Board through the BrightSign media player. 

BrightSign's products are a natural fit for the Dinerware POS solution. BrightSign's media players deliver virtually zero downtime, and they are ideal for any food truck application because of their ultra-small footprint, which enables them to be placed just about anywhere. BrightSign media players work with any monitor that supports an HDMI connection. Visit BrightSign's website to learn more today!