Restaurant POS and digital signage: A perfect match!

BrightSign LogoDon't miss BrightSign this weekend at the NRA Show! Dinerware has been excited about BrightSign, the market leader in digital signage media players, since long before we announced our partnership with them in September. BrightSign offers a digital menu board solution which integrates seamlessly with your Dinerware POS menu to make real-time pricing and other menu changes a snap. Just make updates to your Dinerware menu and watch the changes display immediately on your menu board!  

BrightSign is attending the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show this weekend, where they will perform a demonstration of their Dinerware-integrated Smart Menu Board solution. Restaurant owners will be able to see how easy it is to enhance their business by creating beautiful and informative digital displays that their customers will love. "BrightSign's deep understanding of digital signage in the foodservice industry matched perfectly with our point-of-sale expertise," said Rob Freytag, Director of Sales at Dinerware. "We believe our solution will streamline technology infrastructure and profoundly impact efficiency within virtually any restaurant setting."

By combining BrightSign's expertise in digital signage with the industry-reknowned speed and ease of use of Dinerware's restaurant POS system, restaurateurs can spend more time doing what they want to do: perfecting their food, streamlining their operations, and delighting their customers.

Read more about BrightSign's demonstration at NRA 2014 here!