Fine dining

Give your guests a fine dining experience they'll never forget with Dinerware POS

You haven’t overlooked a single detail.

The ambience is warm and inviting, your tablecloths are crisp, and the candles are lit. Your chef has perfected the nightly special, the front of the house knows the menu like the backs of their hands, and the kitchen is running like a well-oiled machine. For your guests, tonight will be a spectacular night.

People that patronize an upscale restaurant certainly come for the cuisine, but also for a particular level of hospitality that they expect. Dinerware POS software enables you and your staff to create a superior fine dining experience for your customers with no bumps, no snags, and no interruption of your expected excellent service. Your guests can transfer smoothly from the bar or lounge to your dining room, and their ticket transfers with them, just as smoothly. Also, with Dinerware POS, not only can you effortlessly split checks into any configuration a guest desires, but you can even split individual items, such as bottles of wine.

Dinerware's features seamlessly manage the important details and free you up to accommodate each guest with the attention your VIPs deserve:

  • Superior in-house communications streamline your guests' experiences
  • Clearly manage coursing for impeccable meal timing
  • Customer search lets you keep guests’ important details at your fingertips
  • Put your guests in charge with effortless handling of multiple tickets and sharing requests
  • Control your labor costs with real-time reporting
  • Expand your payment options with easy credit card and gift card integration