Software Partners/ISVs

A variety of innovative third-party software partners have made their products available for Dinerware. The solutions listed below have all gone through Dinerware's Independent Software Vendor Certification process and are available today to support your restaurant’s business needs.

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Attention: Seasoned software developers!

Dinerware supports a broad suite of APIs which can be used to customize and extend the Dinerware POS platform. Find out more about our APIs and about partnering with us as an ISV to develop new software solutions.

WavePOS by WaveSoft

WavePOS for Dinerware is WaveSoft’s seamless integrated mobile solution to your existing Dinerware system. From the smooth order taking process to processing payment at the table, it becomes an extension of your Dinerware terminal.


Labor management software that includes employee scheduling, time punches, integrations with popular payroll programs and daily logs.

Restaurant Solutions (RSI)

Provides payroll, accounts payable, inventory, operational reports and employee schedules for independent restaurant owners looking to improve their restaurant’s efficiency and reach their financial goals.

The Exchange

Turns a bar into a stock market for an evening. Drink prices fluctuate based upon what is selling, with trading prices displayed on TVs. From the customers' perspective, it is fun, interactive and engaging. From the bars' perspective, it drives sales, manipulates buying behaviour and keeps customers in the bar longer.


A social gifting network that helps customers give and chip-in to give gifts for friends.


A mobile app for iPhone and Android that integrates directly with Dinerware POS to let consumers open a tab with their mobile phone, view their tab in real-time, and pay the tab anytime, anywhere.


Offers merchants an integrated loyalty solution and the ability to connect customers through direct mail or email, and offers the ability to redeem rewards in real-time via phone number, key tags, and membership cards.


A card- or mobile-based loyalty system that works with merchants' existing loyalty program and social media.

InControl POS

Specializes in the development of software applications that integrate to Dinerware, such as Quickbooks integration.


Uses QR codes and mobile phones to combine payments and loyalty into one mobile payment application.


Use this app to view and pay your bill on your mobile device at your convenience. Pay the entire bill or the specific amount you wish, add a tip, and sign to authorize.

Perk Dynamics

Provides software solutions for order management and controlled production of coffee and espresso drink system.

QSR Online

Offers an enterprise management solution that empowers small to medium sized restaurants to make critical business decisions concerning inventory, food costing, payroll and many other key reports.


Add mobile apps (iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone) to allow customers to view and order food from a restaurant’s own app – seamlessly integrated with Dinerware for both menu management and orders received.


An interactive marketing company which offers a unique personalized engagement solution for merchants that unifies real-time analytics, loyalty programs, store credit, deals, payments, social gifting, and  marketing automation into a single, seamless consumer experience. 


Provides a wide variety of web-based decision support tools to help multi- and single unit restaurants manage operations and finance, prevent fraud, reduce administrative overhead, and more.


Red-Fork Kiosk is a Dinerware-integrated, customer-facing, mobile ordering interface which allows customers to self-order and check out, increasing order accuracy and reducing order wait time. The app works on all OS platforms, including tablets and smartphones.

Tip Central

A one-touch software solution that tips out your employees in real time without the hassles of cash.  Save time, money and put your IRS reporting & reconciliation process on autopilot.


A fully-mobile, hardware-free digital coupon and loyalty solution that offers as much to customers as it does to merchants! Customers can unlock personalized coupons and collect reward points on their mobile devices, and merchants can access guest purchase details and demographics.


TableSafe provides a secure, elegant pay-at-the-table platform designed specifically for full-service Restaurants that streamlines the check delivery, payment and close processes.   TableSafe provides Restaurants a clear path to EMV compliance and the October, 2015 credit card liability shift while delivering significant benefits to Restaurant Management, Servers and Guests.  

MSL Wallet by MySingleLink

A free mobile App for iPhone and Android, use Single Use Tokens to provide payment services and tab management.    Merchants never have to handle credit cards or numbers.   Self-service option for guests to pay or to open, manage and close tabs would result in more table turns.    Free unlimited number of gift card, rewards and coupon transactions.   Waitlist management, reservation and online orders are also available. 

Splyt Easy

A restaurant’s mobile marketing partner offering diners the ability to view, splyt and pay for their tab seamlessly through a mobile application that is customized by the merchant.  Take control of your dining experience.