The Dinerware POS Technology Advantage

Whether you offer fine dining, quick service, or something in between, Dinerware is the perfect fit!

Dinerware is designed to put control in the hands of the user. It supports open hardware and software platforms that allow you to use your own IT resources for deployment, support, and maintenance.

Lower cost of ownership — Dinerware delivers an easy-to-use, efficient and productive user experience. The intuitive user interface effectively lowers the total cost of ownership by making tasks easy and fast.

Windows from the ground up — Dinerware was designed to run on Microsoft operating systems - including Windows Tablets!

Open architecture — Dinerware offers a open data platform so your restaurant data can seamlessly integrate with add-on products or services. Customers benefit from using the open platform approach because as new technologies are developed, they can “plug” directly into Dinerware. In addition, our open architecutre allows end users and third parties to integrate their software with Dinerware very easily. Dinerware has become the restaurant POS platform of choice for developer. 

Web-based services — Dinerware offers strong residual revenue opportunities through our customer-facing web services which include Home Office for remotely accessing the Dinerware Manager. Restful APIs create the backbone of Dinerware web services and allow for easy to integration with the Dinerware Brain. 

Designed for SQL Server — Dinerware was designed to run with Microsoft SQL Server. For the customer, this results in unparalleled reliability, performance, and live access to valuable data using off-the-shelf software tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Built on .NET platform — Dinerware follows state-of-the-art design principles, promoted by Microsoft “.NET” initiative. The n-tier architecture delivers a robust system which capitalizes upon today’s powerful hardware platforms.